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  Ask any experienced cyclist about their greatest accomplishment, something that moved them deeply, to their very core; the first thing that comes to the mouth is the feeling of conquering this peak or that one, going into details of how hard it was to arrive the top or the speeds they reached flying down each descends, may it be about the crisp air high in the mountains to the sunny flats down in the valley. The most cherished moments of all were those stories shared with pals beside them, riding side by side in a unit. After 30 years of experience in the cycling industry in the United States, founding PeaksPal Tours in 2017 with the idea of combining friendship, cycling, and tourism offering a unique life experience were all paces are welcome. On PeaksPal Tours, you will reach your highest point!






My first trip with Peakspal was an amazing experience. Day 1 to the last day, never a dull moment, meeting people that share the same passion for cycling, making new friends and the scenery in Tuscany, outstanding. Peakspal team was attentive making sure our experience and stay were superb, always. I know for sure that I will repeat any of their upcoming trips. Thank you Peakspal. 

Erick Parodi



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